EUCONNEX European Construction Law Networking Experts

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EUCONNEX European Construction Law Networking Experts


Nikolaos Athanassiadis & Michail Pilios

Real estate- and construction law, Contract law...

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Henning Biil

Construction law, Construction contract law, Public procurement law, Litigation, Arbitration...

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Georg-Friedger Drewsen

Architects- and engineer´s law, Public construction law, Dispute resolution, Contract law...

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Horst Fössl

Public procurement law and procedure, Contract law, Privatisation and spin-offs, Public commercial law...

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Guillermo Frühbeck Olmedo

Trademark- and patent law, Restructuring of personnel, Litigation, Arbitration...

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Christophe Gronen

Rental law, Architectural contracts, Environmental standards, Public procurement law...

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Zsolt Lajer

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Otto Mahlknecht

Photovoltaic projects, Contract law, Privatisation and spin-offs, Public economic- and administrative law...

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Claudia Schneider Heusi

Public construction law, environmental law, conservation law, Administrative law, Contract law...

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As a result of years of experience, all of the EUCONNEX partners are experts in the fields of construction-, real estate- and public procurement law, as well as in respect of questions of corporate law that relate to construction, such as the law of joint ventures. The members are furthermore specialised in contract law and liability- and damages law.

All of our attorneys and partner firms have a wealth of experience that enables them to carry out legal work for demanding clients in the above-mentioned areas with the utmost professional competence. This includes involving technical experts at an early stage where this has been requested and it is necessary to do so.

In spite of the fact that Europe is becoming increasingly more integrated, we believe that, in respect of construction projects and legal questions involving other European countries, it is still a huge advantage to clients to have the option of hiring a German-speaking attorney who is resident in the respective foreign country. Of course you may communicate with all of our attorneys in English as well. In addition to his or her knowledge of the national law and excellent command of the local language, an attorney  who is actually resident in the respective foreign country will also be aware of national practices, will know who the decision makers are, and will furthermore have a good understanding of the market.

Please select your personal contact partner from the alphabetical list. A country-specific  search can be conducted by selecting the option Locations on the right-hand side of the navigation bar, and clicking on the desired country on the map.



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